EU-China: Comparative experiences and contributions to global governance in the fields of climate change, trade, and competition 1ª Ed.

Jerónimo Maillo González-Orús
400 págs.
Junio 2024
400 págs.
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The relationship between China and the European Union (EU) is a multifaceted tapestry influenced by a multitude of factors in our evolving global landscape. From China's ascension on the global stage to the complex interplay with the United States and the impact of significant geopolitical shifts like Brexit, these dynamics shape the intricate fabric of their interaction.

This comprehensive volume scrutinizes this complex relationship, examining the nuances of the Belt and Road Initiative's implications and the economic entanglements arising in this new era. It does not merely stop at economic intersections; it navigates the terrain of sovereignty, shared values, and mutual interests, unravelling the delicate balance within this global partnership.

Geopolitical intricacies come to light, be it in the corridors of Central Asia, Russia's strategies in Latin America, or the EU's calculated responses. The chapters delve deeper, glimpsing the future of global trade within frameworks like the WTO, exploring digital strategies, e-commerce, and consumer protections, their legal and economic ramifications meticulously analysed.

Yet, it does not halt at commerce and geopolitics; it ventures into critical domains like the environment and taxation. It highlights the EU's strides in climate change initiatives, tax regimes, and the pursuit of sustainable growth. Authored by distinguished experts, this work aims to unravel the web of challenges and opportunities defining the EU-China relationship in our contemporary world.

For researchers and professionals in International Relations, International Political Economy, and area studies, this volume offers a panoramic view, revealing the intricate interplay of forces moulding the future of global diplomacy and governance. It serves as a compass, guiding exploration into the evolving landscape of international relations amidst the rise of new global powers.


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Jerónimo Maillo González-Orús